Beach, yoga, and pancakes

This has been a busy busy week, but I’ve loved it all. I went to Coney Island on my day off- Monday. That seems like more than just a few days ago.


Coney Island! I’ve never seen a beach like this, boardwalk and all. It was so easy to get to from Manhattan, and brought quite an entertaining crowd!


But it’s still the beach: sand, sun, seagulls, and ocean. It was a fantastically relaxing break from the city.

Tuesday I finally made it to Vira Yoga. I was lucky enough to catch a class by the wonderful Elena Brower. She is co-owner of the studio and has taught and practiced yoga in some of the most amazing places. The class was packed and full of energy. It was just what I needed after a day off. I was also reminded of how grateful I am to be here in New York City and given the opportunity to practice with such amazing yogis.

Wednesday was another double day of yoga. Back to Yoga Vida followed by a class at Equinox. Equinox is fitness club located all over the major cities of the United States. I was very impressed by it. I’ve heard from others that yoga there is “not your typical gym yoga” and this was positively true. The class was an anusara class, and the teacher was again incredible. Anusara is s slower paced more pose focused class. Jackie, the instructor, was very much about opening the heart, and we started class with a round of oms and chanting. I opened my wheel better than I ever have, and my friend who practiced with me advanced her scorpion pose. It was all so beautiful and inspiring. I grabbed a juice from the juice bar and headed straight to work. By the time I was done I was starving! I walk by many delicious looking restaurants every day to and from work, so Wednesday night I stopped in Wolfnights. It’s a gourmet wrap cafe, and with one look at the menu I was impressed. 


This is the Brother’s Grimm: chicken wrapped in a chestnut & chilly dough (they have so many doughs) with shitake mushrooms, raisins, plantain chips, and a chipotle aioli sauce. So so yummy. I will try every wrap there. 

This morning I head back to Kula Yoga Project and had one of my best classes so far. Kevin taught us through a super sweaty hour and a half class. Even though it was a vinyasa class, he was very detailed in describing how the poses should feel. I continue to be impressed with my teachers and myself as with each practice I am feeling growth and improvement.

Today’s class was topped off by brunch with a couple wonderful friends at Clinton Street Baking Co. They are famous for their pancakes, and I totally understand why. Go and try them. There will be a wait but wait. The picture says enough.




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