strong side, left side.

My body is falling apart. Well, not the whole thing, just my left side. My left side sure isn’t my strong side… It’s been over 5 months since I dislocated my shoulder. (I re-read that post and do not remember writing it at all. Odd.) I honestly have not been keeping up with my strengthening exercises and I really need to get on top of that. I will, I will, at least before football season begins.

So I ran the Brooklyn Half Marathon Saturday morning. I wasn’t terribly looking forward to it as I had some IT Band pain during my training & I was realizing I may not finish the race. I convinced myself all great runners DNF every now & then & I would be ok. But let’s be honest, that doesn’t really work with my self-competitive nature. After talking to friends about the race & realizing I hadn’t run a race since my marathon I got really excited. The course was pretty unknown to me, the Manhattanite that I am, with exception to my adventures in Prospect Park the week before.



So by the time 5:30AM came Saturday morning my race spirits were very high. I love the start of the race. So many excited runners, first timers, veterans, people running for fitness, & people running for beer. I crossed the start line just after 7:35AM. The first part was around the park outside the park & then we entered & did one big loop. I knew if I could make it through the downhills of the park without any pain I could finish the race. Unfortunately I had a few stings of pain in my left knee & hip probably three times around mile 4. Not good. Too early. I slowed down a little & it immediately seized. While others let gravity pull them down the hills I slowed down my run a good bit as it’s the downhill that had been causing me pain. By mile 7 we were nearly out of the park & I was in the clear and cruising. The rest of the race was one straight, flat shot down Ocean Parkway. So straight & flat we crossed Ave C all the way to Ave U, if not further- I stopped paying attention.


I could see mile markers half a mile before I made it to them. This is why flat races are not my favorite. I really prefer rolling hills & a more curvy course. Anyways, my legs were feeling the 13 miles as I ran up the short slope at Coney Island to the boardwalk amongst the Cyclone & other amusement park rides. I crossed the finish line with pride in the fact that I made it there. Especially considering I didn’t even walk. I had totally forgotten to check the clock when I crossed the start line so I was pleased when I checked online post-race to see I did well, not a PR but plenty good when I’m honest with myself & admit I was running with an injury.

It wasn’t until 3 hours after I finished that the pain set in, & OUCH it hurt. I was walking to work & I had to stop. This pain behind my left knee was so odd & uncomfortable. Thankfully I had left plenty early as I hobbled through the LES & soho to finally make it to the store. It didn’t help that I had to be on my feet for 8 more hours, & then I went out for a friends birthday too. Whoops, YOLO. (Yes I said it.) Thankfully I was off work Sunday as there is NO WAY I could have made it down my 80-something stairs. I iced & elevated it all day. Self diagnosed myself with everything from a torn ACL to cysts behind my knee. After a day of rest it felt better Monday, & thankfully tons better Tuesday. I’m being responsible & going to a knee specialist Thursday. I still feel like my left side body joints are all hanging on by a thread, or ligament really.

The good news: I swam today. I swam & no ligaments tore or joints dislocated. I LOVE the water. Especially on 90 degree days like this.

IMG_1720 IMG_1732

One thought on “strong side, left side.

  1. I had a lot of friends running that race. So jealous. Great job getting it done. You really are doing amazingly well. You’ll get stronger. That competitive nature won’t let you not.

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