encouraging others

I don’t know whether it’s the sunny skies or that fact that I have three long distance races in the next 7 months, but I am LOVING running. I even ran 5 days last week, which is tons more than I’ve been doing lately.

The best part of running again is that I  joined a run club! About 7 months ago I saw a group of people run by my window at dinner one night. I literally followed them down the street & realized they were part of my local neighborhood run club. 7 months later, last Tuesday, I finally joined them. Heather & I awkwardly walked into the coffee shop where the runners depart and introduced ourselves. Everyone was SO welcoming. There were 5 guys who were obvious-to-the-eye very good runners, and a girl who was kind enough to wait for Heather & me after each bridge giving us an encouraging high-five. This run group loves bridge runs, & they are becoming my favorite place to run. This past week we covered almost 8 miles crossing the Manhattan, Brooklyn, & Williamsburg Bridge. We finish each run at a local neighborhood spot for food & drinks. We chat about races we’re doing and ones we have done, & I even encouraged Heather to do a half marathon at the end of the month. She has astonished me by running a couple times a week on her own & even buying a new pair of run shoes!

The best part of this Tuesday evening run is the view coming back into Manhattan, seeing the city all a glow- The Empire State, Chrysler building, 1 World Trade, Woolworth Building, the flag atop the Brooklyn Bridge, the lights of the Manhattan and Williamsburg bridges, the whole entire skyline. It’s a gentle reminder each week of my incredible city I call home.



All three bridges.

There’s something about a running community. This was so strongly seen a couple weeks ago in Boston. We are one tight, inspiring family full of supporters & encouragers, always there for a high five.



My very own running community- my family. Running since the 1970s.

Oh and I saw this guy and his family right outside my apartment. I was proud of myself for recognizing him and then attempting to have a conversation by making a comment about his dog.



Sweet Home Alabama. ❤

One thought on “encouraging others

  1. I read everything I swear but then I saw the photo and it all fell from my head. No way I would have been able to carry on any sort of conversation around him.

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