home course excitement

Boston just won the World Series, for the first time at home in 95 years. They won in 2007 but that’s not the same as winning in a home stadium, in front of your fans, in your city. Especially a city like Boston, who’s been through so much this year.  As a lifelong Braves fan I am not a fan of the Red Sox, but as a runner and marathoner I am a fan of the city of Boston.

It occurred to me today as I was at work meeting tons of marathoners who had traveled to the city for the race that this is my first marathon I have run in the city where I live. I ran Atlanta in 2012 when I lived in Charlotte, and Marine Corps in DC when I lived in New York. Now here I am LIVING in New York and RUNNING in New York. On my run Saturday I saw the bleachers set up at the finish line, and if I ever ventured north of Houston on a regular basis I would see the actual finish line set up in the southwest part of Central Park.

The energy that is already running so rampant through Manhattan is amping me up as if I was at the start line of the race. Everyone is talking about it, there are banners everywhere, and it is SO hard to contain my excitement! The expo took this feeling to a whole new level. I was in awe walking through it. I’ve been to plenty of expos before but nothing has ever felt like this.

IMG_3057 IMG_3053 IMG_3068

I love the race shirt, which I’ll post after the race, and I also got this Mizuno shirt. I love the simplicity of it and the map on the back! I wore the shirt all day yesterday and it was so fun smiling at other people in running gear and seeing people wearing the Marathon t-shirt. I went to my final physical therapy session yesterday (my PT is a LIFE SAVER!) and will stretch all day and drink lots and lots of water. My emotions are constantly back and forth between pee-in-my-pants excited and may-throw-up nervous. Like right now I’m exactly twenty four hours and 1 minute from crossing the start line, AH!!

My goal is to simply finish. With the injury I’ve had (which I’m over calling an injury as I am fine!) I have no clue what my pace will be, and I’m hoping it will be somewhere around 9:30/10 min miles. My next goal would be to PR, breaking 4:35:24, which was 10:30 min/mile. And my BHAG (big hairy audacious goal) is to break 4:20.

My final thoughts this Marathon Eve revolve around, of course, football. GA/FL is today- our biggest game always though this year both teams are not doing well. I saw a really cool picture of a girl whose nails were painted for the marathon with yellow incorporated for Boston. I loved the idea and when I went to grab the colors I nearly threw them back down- orange and blue! WOOF! No way. I plan on staying as calm as possible today and taking all of the adrenaline I usually use cheering for the Dawgs and saving it for tomorrow. If you weren’t one of the 10+ people I sent this to as soon as I woke up this morning, including lovely Gator-friend Brittany, please enjoy this video from youtube. GATORS WEAR JEAN SHORTS!

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