the time is always now.

First, I want this badly. Em and I were walking around on our day off and popped (!) into the Pop International Gallery in Soho. Shout out to Katie and Lauren there as they were amazing women! It’s so wonderful meeting people who love their job (life) as much as I do. Here’s what I want:Image

$20,000.00- not going to happen for a while. Maybe some day though right?! But it’s so true, the time is always now. Want to get a new job? Do it now. Want to move? Do it now. Want to travel? The time is ALWAYS now. I am a huge believer and totally live this way. 

It’s been another busy week. Fortunately, I love busy. Busy to me means productive and fun. Last Thursday I got to participate in this:Image

Yoga in Bryant Park. Myself and about seven others set up the mats for the class. Usually Thursday afternoons bring about 700 people. It rained this day though, so we had to roll up the mats before class even started. We’ll try again this week!

Friday and Monday I was lucky, grateful, blessed, and much more to take Kym Perfetto’s Soulcycle class. This woman is truly amazing. She is so full of energy, insanely encouraging, and kicks your ass on the bike. She rocks through every song as we pedal, do jumps, and hit the core and upper body. Really an unbelievable person. Check out her website here for all of her class playlists. She’s also in a band and they have a new song called “Ride it Like You Stoke It.” It’s a great song to jam to as you bike!

This weekend was also Emily’s bday. So we celebrated all weekend long. Mexican, boat bars, dancing, and champagne in bathrooms. What? Seriously at Beauty & Essex. This place is a high end pawn shop, bar, restaurant, all with an elegant bathroom where champagne is served.


Yes that is a bathroom. Fancy right?

I have also taken yoga twice in the past two days, Monday at Virayoga and this morning at Equinox Soho. Before Monday’s class I read from the Daily Love that, “Letting go is grace.” I took this as my intention in class- breathing in “letting go”, breathing out “is grace.” It was exactly what I needed and carried me through the class. This mornings class was fantastic as it was my favorite- pure vinyasa flow. Tracey led us through the vinyasas and salutations and the whole thing felt extremely graceful, almost as if I was dancing. Definitely my favorite kind of yoga. 

Now I’m off to have some breakfast and figure out this marathon I’m doing. I have GOT to start training. I think I’m going to finally sit down and write out a plan for that. Any great ideas? Also, can’t wait to tell you about how I’m going to sweat tomorrow. I’m super excited!

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