holy guacamole

I spent $12.50 on chips and guac two nights ago. It was delicious. But really? Welcome to New York I suppose. That’s fine, I love it.

Holy Guacamole I LOVE NY!

My favorite things:

Looking out my apartment window to see what color the Empire State is each night.

Buzzing in people from downstairs. I LOVE this. Last night I buzzed in a friend and remembered to push the button to talk. When I pushed it to listen all I heard was women speaking Spanish. I think that’s pretty cool. My front stoop is a hoppin’ place.

Walking to work on Sunday mornings. It’s really quiet and peaceful.

Meeting people. This is obvious to those who know me well. I love to talk and meet others.

Running/walking through Battery Park and along the Hudson. I did this today with my friend Molly. It was beautiful. The breeze is perfect and sometimes I want to jump in the water. A girl sped by us on her bike. It was Julia Stiles. Pretty cool.

So where have I been sweating? Yoga. Yoga. Yoga. Monday I had a short run to Trader Joes. This was my first trip there, and much like Whole Foods, they’ve got the crowd thing down. It was an easy trip and not a bad run/walk from my house. Tuesday was double yoga day. My day was spent at training for work (best training ever) in Brooklyn! We sweat at Brooklyn Yoga School. This is a donation based studio which I think is incredible, especially here in New York. The space is also gorgeous.


Bay windows all around. After that class I went to Kula which is becoming one of my favorite spots. Jen G. taught the class and it was very challenging but nearly perfect. 

Wednesday I was back to my favorite neighborhood spot Stanton Street Yoga. I am really loving this place. Not only is it right around the corner, but the space reminds me of the first studio where I ever did yoga, it’s very tranquil, Shyma (the instructor) rocks and is beautiful inside and out, and I’m just fascinated that it’s in a bed and breakfast. What a perfect idea.

Today I’m heading to Bryant Park for yoga. We, lululemon, set up mats for anyone and everyone to come practice. I haven’t been to Thursday afternoons yet, but apparently it is packed. I can’t wait to report back.

One of the best things I learned at training for work this week is that everything we do in life is really all about choice. Everything that happens to us can be seen/felt one way or another, however we chose. So I leave you with this:

Stop living in the past. It’s over. Holding on holds you back. Get present and choose to be that person with that incite. Choose to accept it or chose to change it. Chose to take the learning and let everything else go.

Oh and this:


One thought on “holy guacamole

  1. I knew you would start seeing celebrities all the time! I’m trying to find out about a Intro to Yoga series that this Yoga place is supposed to have here in the fall. I went to a class again tonight too! I always think of you with Yoga! I love that you LOVE your life. 🙂

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