crushing crossfit and loving Gameday



It has been a long, eventful two weeks! Full of the usual- Bryant Park Yoga, runs, and more yoga. Some highlights? Well that would be having Jake Gyllenhaal riding one row in front of my at SoulCycle two weeks ago. Amazing. He is quite a handsome man, beard and all, and killer on the bike. I was also fortunate enough to have a breakfast meeting with the amazing Kym Perfetto, SoulCycle instructor. She also is in a band, and in the new movie Premium Rush. This woman is unbelievable and without a doubt accomplishes every goal she sets.

I worked all of Labor Day weekend. The store was CRAY CRAY but it was really fun. Since I worked during the weekend I had Friday off. I met my roommate for lunch in Brooklyn. She took me through Cobble Hill, Brooklyn Heights, and Dumbo. We had some delicious Italian for lunch. My gnocchi lasted me 3+ meals.Image

I’ve finally started running more than once a week. My marathon is less than two months away. I guess better late than never, right? I had a really great run one day this week. I went out with no expectations and ended up running 7 miles. It felt great! I ran along the East River, down around the island to Battery Park, and up the Hudson. I love running along the water. I love the island (City) life. 🙂Image


Tuesday I was off work. I started the day with yoga at Kula Yoga (love this spot) and had an extremely productive day. Answered a lot of emails, relaxed (90210!) and was invited to the US Open that night! I had no idea what it would be like as I’ve never been to a professional tennis match. I was so impressed! Arthur Ashe Stadium and all of the grounds around it are gorgeous. I got to see Andy Roddick play for a while, and then the match was rained out and postponed. We get to go same day next year!ImageImage

Thursday morning I gave Crossfit a shot for the second time ever. I was nervous, well really terrified. Especially when I saw the “pullups.” Long story that doesn’t really make sense, but I dislocated my should over two years ago and a pullup bar was involved. Needless to say I haven’t touched one since. Dell, the coach at Crossfit 212, was very encouraging and helpful and got me right up there busting through the 20 pullups. I used a band under my foot to make it easier. I will gladly admit that I cannot do a single real pullup.  Image

Oh man, the pullups were the least of my worries. I actually really like pushups too, but 30? It was exhausting. The situps were easy the first couple of rounds, and then not so much. I really loved when we started the third round and I said, “Alright guys last one!” and was corrected that we had five rounds, not three. This thing kicked my butt. No other way to put it. It also felt SO GOOD. I have really missed my Fight Gone Mad and strength training, and I think I found it. I told one of my friends that I commit to going to Crossfit at least once a week until my marathon, and probably after. The strength training improves my running tons. Here are the ladies and me post workout with Dell.Image

It’s Fashion Week in NYC. I really had no idea what this meant, and then I experienced Fashion’s Night Out. We had a DJ, disco balls, and acro yoga at the store. It attracted quite a fun crowd! We had a dance part in the store all night and it was a blast. The acro yoga is so impressive! I went out in soho when I got off work and WOAH so many people dressed to impress in everything you could ever imagine. This is New York!Image

It’s Gameday! Today is going to be pretty much the most amazing ever. I started my day with a run across the Williamsburg Bridge (serious incline!) and a trip to Starbucks. It felt good to run out my soreness from “barbara”- arms, abs, hamstrings, everything. I got caught in the rain on my run and it felt pretty wonderful. However, apparently the storm I ran through formed tornadoes?! I’m not really sure but info and pics from Brooklyn are popping up all over Twitter. I’m hoping the rain holds off because I was given tickets to the Braves game! They’re here playing the Mets. I can’t wait! Before that I’m having brunch and mmm mimosas. Then I will follow the Bravos game with the UGA/Missouri game. Welcome to the SEC Missouri, I really hope we crush you.

4 thoughts on “crushing crossfit and loving Gameday

  1. Hi Anne,
    Samantha told me how she was inspired by your blog and I too have enjoyed it. Congrats on your move to NYC. I am trying new things this fall, as part of becoming an empty nester,including cross fit and a sprint triathlon – sweating everyday and feeling great. Good luck with the Marine Corp Marathon – it was my first, a memorable journey.
    with Joy,
    Tricia Sale

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