sympathy pains: how I dislocated my shoulder…again

I’ve always heard of husbands having sympathy pains when their wives are giving birth. Ok really I’ve just seen it on Friends. Well, I took that to a whole new level tonight.

As you know I am a DIE HARD University of Georgia football fan. We were in the SEC championship tonight and played so well! The guys played their hearts out.

I watched the game at a friends in the UWS. Turns out this was a HUGE blessing. After a surprising punt fake and blocked field goal returned for a touchdown, we were rocking and rolling. The game came down to UGA having possession of the ball with just over a minute left and zero timeouts. Murray had some great passes that put us in/near the redzone which was huge because we were down by 4 and needed a touchdown not just a field goal. (Damn two point conversion by Bama.)

With under 20 seconds left Aaron Murray threw the ball and it was caught on the three yard line. Unfortunately this was not a first down and the ball didn’t go out of bounds so the clock ran out and game over. Season over for my wonderful Bulldawgs. In the exact moment Murray let the ball fly for that final pass I jumped out of my seat, threw my hands up in the air (fist pumps if you will) and collapsed to my knees. Everyone around me did the same and our faces fell into our hands realizing we had lost, except for my face. I was panicked. I looked over to Laura, whose apartment it was, and said, “I need to go to the hospital.” I heard that evil pop I heard in April of 2010 and my shoulder POPPED right out of place. Most have been one intense fist pump cheer.

Again, it was a blessing I wasn’t at a bar but at Laura’s place because miraculously there were two doctors there. The pain was bad but not as excruciating as the first time it happened. I was walked to the bedroom and laid on the bed. Clint and Sarah, the two doctors, came in and assured me a hospital visit was not needed. They are residents in a neurology program. They first checked my pulse to make sure no arteries in my shoulder were affected, and then (with a little help from Google) Clint let me squeeze his hand while Sarah moved my arm back into place. It instantly felt better though I was still light-headed. I was told later I was white as a ghost too! Three hours later I am alive and well and laughing about the ridiculousness of this situation. (oh and considering surgery because I do not want this to be a regular occurrence.)

Some of you who know me and my football craziness well may see this as karma. Who knows, it could be. I like to think of it as sympathy for my Dawgs. Post shoulder insert I had to have the guys explain that last play to me a few times. I called my mom to tell her about the crazy events of the evening and she kept rehashing the game and all of the what-ifs. Apparently the receiver should have let the ball go, or at least tried to get out of bounds, so one play would be left. My what if was “If only I hadn’t thrown my arm up in the air!”

All in all I’m very grateful for how it happened. If I had been in a crowded bar who knows what would have happened, how long I would have spent in an ER, and how much money it would have cost. I’m very frustrated by this because it will take a hit on my active lifestyle, but I suppose it was bound to happen again at some point.

**I had not one but two really great posts planned for today but this took priority.



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