a perfect new york day


Today is literally the perfect day. There are few things I will wake up before 8AM for on a weekend: NASCAR race, football games, and a good long run/race. This morning I arose a little after six to meet my friends for our 16 mile run. The whole thing was perfect. Here’s why:

1) I was running with a Longhorn, Nittany Lion, and a GATOR (I was behaved!). What better to talk about on a run than our excitement for football season starting! We laughed about the crazy SEC coaches and Brittany shared this story from Clay Travis’ blog outkick the coverage. It’s so absurd. All I’ll say is “Only in South Carolina,” though I could see it happening in Bama too 🙂 

2) The weather- UNBELIEVABLE. The morning started with a bit of a chill in the air and it was around 60 degrees. I didn’t start getting super sweaty until around 9AM when the sun came out so strong, not a cloud in the sky. It was absolutely perfect, and still is. Hands down the best weather day of 2013 so far. Simply perfect for running.

3) I got to see the Little Red Light House! This is a rite of passage for marathon trainers as it’s all the way up the West Side Highway at 179th street. WAY up there. The lighthouse is so teeny tiny, standing only 40 feet tall. It was built in 1880 and has been through so much for a lighthouse! There’s a really sweet children’s book that was written about it. The book actually saved the lighthouse when people were pushing for it to be torn down. 




After the run we chowed down on breakfast sandwiches and smoothies followed by donuts from DD. What a great idea. Yummo!

I’ve failed to mention the wonderful half marathon I did only two weeks ago. Seawheeze, the lululemon half marathon in Vancouver. Van is a gorgeous city and the route was fantastic. We raced through the city and then along the water, the Seawall as they call it there. It was my first trip to Canada and I’ll surely return for this race! I was lucky enough to run with three of my good friends from Charlotte. We dressed in Braves/America colors!Image


I hope everyone is having a beautiful weekend! Oh, and making today even more perfect, in an hour I’m making my way into Jersey and the Meadowlands (MetLife stadium) for a Jets/Giants game! Preseason, but working Sunday I had to jump at the chance of a Saturday night game!

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