my athletic family

If you asked me 10 years ago if I had an athletic family, I would have laughed and said no. Growing up I gave every sport a chance, and came out a swimmer and a golfer. This was due to my lack of hand-eye coordination (I’d basically close my eyes when the softball or basketball was thrown my way) and zero sense of competition. My brothers? They tried their hand at football, baseball, basketball, swimming, soccer, cross country and so on. Not to say they were BAD at all of them. Ben was good at soccer, Matt was a good cross country racer, but they never were outstanding and I don’t want to speak for them, but as a kid I don’t remember them being OBSESSED with a sport. Ben loved cars and Matt loved collecting Coke cans/bottles ūüôā


Just this week he purchased these. Love you Matthew!

The only consistent athletic thing my family has done forever? The Peachtree Road Race. Maybe we should have taken the hint that running was our thing! Turns out that after all these years, we actually are athletic.¬†Here’s what my family was up to this weekend:

+I ran 12 miles in the rain for my last long run in Chicago Marathon training

+Matt ran the Atlanta Track Club 10K and PR-ed it!!! 46:29, that’s 7:30 minutes per mile!

+Mom ran 7.23 miles at a 12:43 pace as part of her training for the Atlanta 10-miler at the end of the month

+Ben- some things never change. He went to a car show in Athens, and I’m sure rode¬†his bike all weekend long. 30-40 miles is nothing for him on a bike!

+Dad went to the gym and went on a long walk- his big thing now is hiking. He LOVES it! (Read this).

If you know me now you know that I am very competitive. This came soon after I went to college and my love, passion, enthusiasm (some say insanity) for¬†UGA football went from 90% to 150%. It made me not just a more competitive fan, but also I have an overall more competitive spirit in all aspects of life. I started running more in college too and with that became more competitive with myself. Every race I run I fight for a PR, and I can happily say I usually achieve it. As I head into my 4th marathon this upcoming weekend in Chicago, I’m battling wanting¬†a PR with knowing¬†that I’ve been hurt. I’ve been in physical therapy for at least 5 weeks with IT band and hamstring issues. My 12 miles felt really pretty¬†great yesterday and I fought hard to run a good pace and negative splits. Sunday’s race will be more of a mental battle than physical. I have to remind myself I don’t want to get more¬†injured, and most importantly I am there to have fun. (But on the other hand it’s such a fast course and I had amazing,¬†fast runs prior to my injury! Ahh the battle continues)!

I am very grateful and proud of¬†the athleticism my family has. It’s strongly carried through to my niece, the running part (her legs are SO long) and the¬†passion and competitive spirit she has for football…¬†megf

even if it’s not my (or mom’s, Ben’s, my aunt or uncle’s) team of choice.

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