in 2015 I will NOT run a marathon

Yep, you read that right! My fitness goals this year are all based around that statement. I will NOT run a marathon. It’s hard to belive I’ve run a marathon once a year for the past four years. It’s not like I’m NEVER going to run another marathon. In fact, this years goal leads me to achieve a goal for next year- to run the NYC Marathon again! Here’s the breakdown:

+DON’T run a marathon. No matter how much people try to convince me, give me bibs, peer pressure me to sign up with them, I WILL NOT DO IT.

+REST my body from long runs. The longest race I’m registered for thus far is the Cherry Blossom 10-miler. I’m sure I’ll do a half marathon at some point. Except…

+DON’T run the Brooklyn Half. Seriously. Some people love this race. I strongly dislike the 6 mile stretch down Ocean Parkway. I was convinced to do this last year (thanks Britt and Leticia). It hurt and I PR-ed (really thanks!!)

+RUN 9 NYRR races + 1 volunteer opportunity. See! Then I’M IN- NYC Marathon 2016. I’m already signed up for three and my one volunteer. My first race of 2015 is tomorrow and I’m not quite stoked about having to do it in the frigid weather. Hopefully it’ll make me run faster, all the way home into a hot shower!

+STRETCH. Yoga. It doesn’t always have to be about sweating to death. I can (though I don’t love to) take slow classes where I stretch my hamstrings, quads, and hips.

+STRENGTHEN. My hamstrings, quads, and most imporantly BUTT and CORE. I’ve finally signed up for a pilates class next Monday at Real Pilates. I’ve been jumping, burpee-ing, stomping it out with Natalie at the class and doing pistol squats at Exceed. My abs hurt today when I laugh and sneeze from Matty‘s class at Barry’s Wednedsay morning. Thanks dude!

Another goal of 2015 is to write on my blog once a week. Wish me luck with all of the above!IMG_6154

Love this necklace. A Christmas present from my aunt. GRATITUDE.

2 thoughts on “in 2015 I will NOT run a marathon

  1. I swore after my last marathon on Oct. 25, that I would not run another in 2015 (or at least by the end of the year or first of 2016). I needed a break. So, what do I do? I ran a 50K on Jan. 3. LOL … It wasn’t a marathon 🙂 … Now I’m hooked on ultras.

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