how I know I’m a runner in NYC: celebrating my 3 year anniversary in New York City

In celebration of my 3 year anniversary (July 5th) of living in New York, I created the following list.  I call it, “How I Know I’m a runner in NYC.”  Runner friends, you can most definitely relate.

1~ You love/hate Harlem Hill (I kinda love it) & have run repeats up Cat Hill image3
Even in the snow! Winter 2015 with GB and Kelly
2~ You avoid the Brooklyn Bridge at all costs (too many tourists!)  & think that the Williamsburg bridge is the steepest around (I’m pretty sure it is, but couldn’t find the facts to back it up!) 480610_751747565015_940665064_n
Summer 2012 with Em, Tom, Grams, and Nic 🙂 One of my first runs across the Williamsburg Bridge
3~ You have run up the west side to the Little Red Light House
Yes you’ve seen this picture before. This was Fall 2013 training for NYC Marathon!
4~ You love that magical run when finally things are blooming and there’s color in your life again…
5~ Though that run is nothing compared to the first fall run when the leaves have changed IMG_1531
Central Park the day after I ran the NYC marathon in 2013. Pure, natural beauty.
6~ Your bucket list includes running all 16 (I THINK!) bridges within the 5 boroughs IMG_1530
One of Nic’s last runs in NYC, way up at the GW Bridge
7~ May 1st= water fountains are back!!! Thank goodness.
8~ You’re a big fan of NYRR’s 9+1. Those short races will only make you faster come marathon season, although you do find it a bit frustrating to trek up to 89th & Park Ave to get your bib
Queens 10k pace this year. I’m getting faster thanks to short races and Race Pace Jess
9~ You look forward to running in August. It’s true! Summer Streets- nothing like running all the way down closed Park Avenue
Even in the rain. This run was done with Brittany and Leticia in August 2014
10~ Every now and then you escape out of the city to run in nature
Tarrytown, NY and the Sleepy Hollow 10K with Em, Camille, and Molly in the Fall of 2012
11~ If you want tacos from Rockaway, you run there!
My first run to the Rockaways, Early fall 2013, with Chloe, Mark, Marianna, and Justin
12~ You have a favorite run and a favorite view. or 3…                                                                                                                                            image2
Along the run to the Rockaways. Every time I do it (which has been twice) I’m always amazed that New Yorkers can RUN to the BEACH!
Britt and I ran from Brooklyn up the west side of Manhattan to the Bronx last year while training for Chicago!
and DUH see picture in #3 for my absolute favorite run!
Lastly, as the pictures show, the best part of running in New York, and everyone, are the friends you make along the way. I’m so happy and grateful for them all!

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