My first run in Central Park

Four years ago this week I went for my first run in Central Park. My Timehop app reminded me of this. It also reminded me that once upon a time (in 2011) I had a blog called Teachers Who Run. I still want to make an organization for teachers who run, but since I stopped teaching I created a new blog.  

Allison and me in the park, April 2012. Looks like it was a bit warmer than it is now…

Anyways, I went back and re-read all my posts from 2011-2012. Things were so different! It was before I lived in New York, before I worked for lululemon, and my early days of being a runner.

My last post was all about working out in NYC! This is my favorite line (regarding running in Central Park): “And there were SO MANY people. It was insane and I loved everything about it. It also made me really excited for doing training runs here for Marine Corps and eventually the New York Marathon.” 

…and the Chicago marathon, and so many halfs, and so many other races. The whole blog is really quite fun to read. Take a peak if you’d like here

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