refueling after my many sweats

As I stated Saturday, I am hitting up all of my favorite places in Charlotte to sweat this week. Along with that, I’m eating at all of my favorite restaurants. I’m glad I made the decision to not buy too many groceries this week. I’ve really enjoyed all of the breakfast, lunch, and dinners out, and of course everyone who has accompanied me along the way.

This began last Friday when a good friend from home, who now lives in Philly, came to visit. She was with girls from California, who had never had real southern BBQ before. So we went here.


Mac’s Speed Shop. Pork bbq, brunswick stew, and baked means. Yummo.

Saturday morning I had brunch at Toast. In my opinion, this is one of the best brunch places in Charlotte.

Monday, after sweating at Fight Gone Mad and going to work, I had a dinner date with one of my best friends at Sushi 101. This is one of my favorite sushi places. It’s very chill and reasonably priced. The dragon roll is my favorite.

Tuesday was a triple sweat day. Jenna and I hit the 6am at Hilliard Studio Method. My triceps are super sore today! The class is 15 minutes of arms, 15 minutes of barre, 15 minutes of abs, and more. It was an intense workout that I hadn’t done in a while. We refueled afterward with lots of protien and veggies in our omelets from Dean and Deluca. They’re redoing the one here in Charlotte but thankfully it’s still open for business. The omelet kept me full through hours of packing boxes and suitcases. I met some friends at Yoga Shala for a thirty minute meditation class. I did my first meditation last week. I LOVE them. It’s an incredible feeling of relaxation and peace, all the while focusing on your intention. I hope to find a class similar to this in NYC (recommendations welcomed!) Last night I led run club for the store. I’ve been leading the weekly runs since February/March. I can’t believe it was my last one!


The weather was a bit cooler, so the run felt great.

After the run I met some friends at Soul. This is absolutely in my top three favorite restaurants in Charlotte. I forgot to take a picture of the food, but I ate tons and it was so scrumptious! This was ok after three workouts right?! We had goat cheese bruschetta, spicy feta dip, tuna tacos (these are the BEST) and I tried the flatbread for the first time. It was delicious- goat cheese and veggies. Oh, and a glass of champagne. I love celebrations.

This morning the girls and I went to Fight Gone Mad. It was a butt-kicker, especially considering how sore I was. I’ll do this one more time before I leave. There may be tears.


Tessa and Courtney taking on the wall balls (my least favorite) and me working through a burpee.

Yoga Shala, Mac’s, Ultimate CrossFit, Fight Gone Mad, and Owen’s Bagels (where we ate this morning) are in the Southend neighborhood here in Charlotte. It’s becoming my favorite part of town. I highly recommend it.

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