hot & jazzy

This is going to be a quick, pictures-tell-all posts. My first day of work is tomorrow which I am PUMPED about, so I need to get some sleep. Also, I’m heading to soulcycle tomorrow afternoon, and look forward to get back into my routine of daily workouts!


My parent came in town Saturday, so I’ve been hanging out with them and being a tourist for a couple days. We visited my favorite shop in the city, or really anywhere, FAO Schwarz. We ended up buying only candy, but I spent plenty of time in the Barbie section. They have Tim & Faith and William & Kate dolls, wild!


After dinner tonight (we ate at Becco. Totally forgot pictures but they have a wonderful menu and lots of under $25 bottles of wine) we ventured into Times Square. It was crazy and crowded as always, but still a fun place to see. My dad said he fell in love with NY in the middle of Times Square when he was there on choir tour in high school 🙂


Last night we had a BLAST. We went to Sullivan’s Hall to see Vaud and the Villians. They are a twenty piece New Orleans style jazz band, complete with cabaret dancers. One of my best friend’s best friend is one of the singers. If you ever have the chance to see them live, do it. They are incredible. If you can’t catch a show, at least watch some videos on youtube. You’ll love it.


I went out with some friends from college Friday night. All of have to say is I didn’t realize the bars stayed open til 4/430AM here. Woah, so much fun. I got this wristband from the last bar of the night.


My great friends gave me this book before I left. It’s great for leading a new life in a big city. On top is a fortune I recently received. Pretty great news!


This was in a Starbucks nearby. I think there’s an extra “T” in there, but Oh well I like it. 

Good night!

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