triple shot of yoga

The past three days have been yoga, yoga, yoga! All at three different studios. I am very fortunate to have had time for this in the midst of my move-in week. Serious gratitude!

Tuesday I headed down the street from my apartment to Yoga High. This is a great little neighborhood spot in the Lower East Side / East Village. It was a mid-morning class, so not too many yogis in attendance, but I really enjoyed it. A good vinyasa class. Flow, variety of poses, and certainly an all levels class. It was the community class which is offered Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings for $10. Pretty great deal! I was excited when we got to practice inversions against the wall. I’m working on my headstand, and look forward to when I can take it OFF the wall. After class I met one of my fellow yogis. She was from Atlanta and had gone to UGA. Woah, small world. That same day I ran into three girls I went to UGA with who live here now. Go Dawgs.


Care of Yoga High website… wonderful studio with tons of natural light. I especially love this during early morning classes.

Wednesday I met some girls from work at YogaWorks. This studio has many locations in NYC and LA. I practiced in Soho which has a variety of studios in itself. YogaWorks offers level 1, 2, and 3 yoga classes, as well as pilates, pre-natal, barre, ashtanga, and tons more. I took a level 2-3 class. It really was unlike anything I’d ever done. We did some traditional salutations, as well as worked with ropes and swings that attach to the wall. This was unusual to me, but very fun!


photo care of

This photo is exactly what I did- an extended downward dog. We followed this by hanging upside down. Talk about an inversion!

I finished up my three day yoga streak at Kula Yoga Project. There is one location in Tribeca and one in Williamsburg. I had a nice walk to Tribeca and was so happy when I arrived. My friends had been raving about this studio, and I now know why. From the moment I walked in this studio felt like home, probably because it reminded me of my favorite yoga places in Charlotte. For this reason I dedicated my hour flow class to my girls from the store back home, who are also my best sweat friends. It was a wonderful practice. I was breathing deeply and sweating the whole time. There were some poses I wasn’t familiar with, and they were called in an order that was different to me, but it kept me on my toes and it was great to experience something different. I really love this place and can’t wait to return. I got a new student pass of 3 classes for $30, which is another great deal. What I really can’t wait to do though is one of their retreats. My friends and I have been talking about attending one for a while. Hopefully it can happen sooner than later!


Photo: This is also a great article about the owners & studio.

AND lastly, they have kombucha on tap. Mmm!

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