what day is it?

I ask myself this question at least three times a day, and I love that. To me it means it doesn’t really matter. Whether it’s Saturday, Wednesday, Thursday, or even Monday, each day makes me equally happy. It’s been like this since school ended and I’m so grateful it will stay this way into the foreseeable future. What else does this mean? I love my job and I love New York. Duh.


Sunday Funday on rooftop bar by Williamsburg Bridge. One drink turned into many with my roommates. They are fantastic and we had a blast.




picture care of http://nymag.com/bestofny/beauty/2010/fitness-classes/


I sweat out the drinks Monday morning at Soul Cycle. This was different than any other class I’d done there before. This time there were bands hanging above the bikes so we torched the upper body while spinning. I really loved this class and can’t wait to get back!



This picture doesn’t do the experience justice. Tuesday morning I did yoga in Bryant Park with about 200 others. This is put on by lululemon and of course the wonderful people at Bryant Park who allow us to use the Pavilion each Tuesday (10am) and lawn each Thursday (6pm). The classes are complimentary (FREE) and taught by local yoga instructors. Lululemon provides mats so you don’t even need to bring one. Check it out! It was incredible. Thankfully I got a spot in the shade so didn’t die from the heat.



After work Tuesday I met a friend for dinner and then we had drinks ($3 PBR mmm) at Max Fish. The picture is dark but it’s a very cool bar. It’s well known in the art scene and always has different local artwork hanging on the wall. Skateboarders hang out there too. In the picture above a guy is trying to do tricks on his board in the bar. True entertainment.

Not that it’s relevant, but it is very important. 45 days til UGA kickoff.


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