i am a runner.

I am a runner. I have been for a while. But I’ll be honest, it has been last on my list of ways to sweat lately. However, with the Marine Corps Marathon in 3 1/2 months (oh man!) it’s about time for me to become a runner again. What better way to do this than move to a big city with endless new running routes! After running the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge last week I ran through East Village on Friday morning. There was a lot of this to get used to.


I’m not sure how my legs and knees felt about stopping so much. But I also saw tons of great artwork.


In Charlotte I constantly ran in neighborhoods on the roads so the sidewalks wouldn’t kill my knees. I know there are many great place here in the City to run on paths not sidewalks, but every now and then I think I’ll enjoy short runs through the crowded streets. I also noticed the increase in cigarette smoke I had to run through. This is a HUGE increase from running in Charlotte and Atlanta, even through the downtown streets of those cities. Eww.

After my run I went up to Central Park and the New York Road Runners office to get my race bib for this morning’s race.


The NYRR office is gorgeous. Race bib pickup was a breeze. I relaxed for the rest of the day/night, which was very nice.

This morning I found my way by subway up to the Park for the Central Park Conservancy 4-miler. It was sunny and beautiful (warm) at race start but ended a bit overcast.

I really enjoyed the course and the people. There were over 5,000 runners! I finished with almost the exact same pace I did in the Peachtree a couple weeks ago. I did miss my running buddies though! (Jenna, Nicole, MCD 🙂 ) I am excited to run another 10K next weekend with my friends up here.
I hope to get a run done along Battery Park/West Side Highway this week. Isn’t it gorgeous?!

2 thoughts on “i am a runner.

  1. You are fabulous! Love your new blog title! I am glad I will get to get a glimpse into your new life now. It seems like you are having a wonderful time exploring your new city and the view from your apartment is amazing! YEAH! 🙂

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