adventures of a marathoner part 3: halloween in harlem

It took be two hours and $93 dollars to get from Houston to 137th street Wednesday afternoon. The majority of the ride was from Houston to 42nd, which is where the power and traffic lights came back on. The two other people that accompanied me jumped out around 50th as they had enough of it. Thankfully I had snacks in the car with me and the cab driver was super cool. We got to see some people trick or treating in the Upper East Side where life was somehow fairly normal.



Clips from the cab ride. Not much open along the way, but a few people trying to provide food and beverage. Tons of traffic, more so than I’ve ever seen in NYC. I got to Molly’s and we celebrated Halloween with pumpkin beer, TJ’s peanut butter cups, and a viewing of the Hunger Games. Image

We were lucky that some of the uptown lululemon locations were open so Molly and I spent some time working at these stores. It was nice to get out and do something, and chat with other people. The subway uptown began working so we could ride it to work. I love the art in the Harlem subways!


November 1st began Starbucks holiday drinks! These are my favorite. They came this year right as the cold front blew into the city post-hurricane. I was somewhat prepared with the few clothes I had packed from my place. Friday I worked at an uptown store again and then took my first class at Pure Yoga. I was really emotional that day. I just wanted to go home and was devastated to hear the news of the marathon being cancelled. I TOTALLY get why it was, but I was still on a huge runner’s high from my own race, so my heart was hurting for the runners. When I left yoga a text came through my phone from my roommate that power was back in the LES!! I was so excited I went straight home. Literally I left all of my things in Harlem and got home ASAP.Image

The roomies and I celebrated being home with champagne and went to our favorite bar Hair of the Dawg (they spell it Dog, but you know…)

The outreach from the city has been amazing for Hurricane Sandy Relief. Especially of course in the yoga and running community. Here are some ways you can help make a difference this weekend:

Domenic Savino of Yoga Vida NYC will be leading an open levels class Friday at 6:30pm at the 666 Broadway location. There will be live music and all proceeds go towards “Mayor’s Fund to Advance NYC.” Image

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