28th year: a year of newness

It’s interesting how birthdays work. Your first birthday marked being alive for one year. So while today I turn 28 it also marks completing the 28th year of my life. Woah. This feels old to me. Seriously. My 28th year has been packed full of change in nearly every way. Here are 28 new things I’ve done in the 28th year of life.

1. I own a football jersey. Gross. I’ve never been a fan of girls who wear jerseys. You’re supposed to wear red and black dresses! Well, I’m pretty sure at a Jet’s game I’d get laughed at in a green dress.
2. I am a two-time marathoner. 4:35:12 Marine Corps Marathon. I’m ready for number 3.
3. I work in retail. Who woulda thunk it?! Turns out it’s the best job ever.
4. I sweat once a day. For real. Yoga, swim, spin, barre, run, crossfit, bootcamp. So many options!
5. I walk 10,000 steps a day. This is recommended to everyone and I don’t think most people, especially those who drive, do it. There’s no way I don’t, and I need to get a pedometer to confirm.
6. I absolutely walk up and down more steps every day than I did in months in Charlotte, Athens, Atlanta, or anywhere else in life.
7. I don’t wash my clothes. No I’m not the smelly kid. I drop them off and they are washed and neatly folded. This is such a treat!
8. I’m a New Yorker- WOO HOO! My favorite. I can give directions when nicely asked. I can also push through you when speed walking through soho.
9. I am no longer a middle school teacher. I miss my kids and a big shout out to my QHMS Falcons!
10. I no longer own a car. This is amazing though lately I’ve missed turning up the music, rolling down the windows, and singing to T Swift at the top of my lungs. “WHY CAN’T YOU SEEEE YOU BELONG WITH MEEEE!”
11. I don’t have a TV in my bedroom. This began in Charlotte when my remote broke. In New York there’s just not room.
12. I met 1,257 new people. Ok this may not be true, but I’ve met tons of people in the 28th year of my life. For the most part they all rock.
13. I can finally do wheel!

14. I rode an Amtrak train! 


15. I’ve run 4 races in the state of New York, one in DC, two in Atlanta, and 2 in Charlotte. 



16. I haven’t watched a single NASCAR race. This is sad! I think the season ends this weekend…


17. I installed an AC window unit. Shout out to my roomie for help with this. I would have no doubt dropped it into the alley below.
18. I saw snow in the month of November!


19. I didn’t go to Athens or Atlanta for a football game. I’m pretty sure it’s the first year of my life since probably year eleven that I didn’t attend a UGA or Ga Tech football game.
20. I won’t be in Atlanta for Thanksgiving. The family is visiting me here! And you know what that means?
The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade! IN PERSON! I can’t wait!
21. I didn’t dress up for Halloween, or carve a pumpkin. So sad! Special thanks to my marathon and Sandy for this.
22. I attended an NFL game: Jets vs. Eagles (I had previously only attended pre-season games).
23. I went to the US Open at Arthur Ashe Stadium.
24. I went to a Braves/Mets game at Mets Stadium.
25. I gained a second sister-in-law!
26. I started this blog and I keep a gratitude journal. I challenge you to do this. Start each morning writing down three things you are grateful for in your life.
27. It’s been over three months since I’ve seen any family members- the longest ever. I am VERY grateful this will change in two short days!
28. I wake up each morning excited with what the day may bring. It could be literally ANYTHING! After all, I am in New York City.

One thought on “28th year: a year of newness

  1. Love reading your 28 things…what a great way to bring in your 28th year! I am so jealous that you will see the Macy’s Day parade in person…that is something I so want to do one day! Have fun with your family and I can FEEL how happy you are in your new life! 🙂 Love it!

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