back to my mat

Quick post! I don’t want to get too far behind on sharing my “instructor of the week!” So for week 2 and 3 I will post together.

I’ve tried to slow down my obsession with SoulCycle a little and get my sweat on in the yoga studio. Because I’m still doing things a little different (yes the shoulder) I haven’t enjoyed yoga as much as I had been. SO I”m really challenging myself to enjoy the flow, clear my head, and appreciate each pose.

Week 2: Megan Walsh, Yoga Works and more. Check her out here.

Megan led myself and five other Lemons through a power vinyasa class. She played some music, which I’m a huge fan of, and led us through some challenging poses. Her class was slammed full so there was tons of energy in the room. This is a great indication of a wonderful yoga teacher. She also teaches at Bend & Bloom in Brooklyn (Park Slope), which I really need to visit.


The next week I returned to Kula. This is one of the first studios I visited in NYC. The space is very zen and it was this class that I really let go of everything and had an amazing practice. This is much thanks to Kevin, my Week 3 featured instructor. I have taken his class before, and I forgot how much I love it. He talked about breathe and Dharana, or the yoga of concentration. That was exactly what I needed last Tuesday. The class felt. so. good.




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