2013: my fitness goal!


I finally came up with a fitness goal of 2013. Yes I want to PR my marathon time when I run NYC in November. (No one’s told me yet I’m not it, so I’m assuming I still am!) Of course I want to gain more muscle, maybe do a handstand- maybe. But I finally came up with a very specific, measurable, quantifiable GOAL.

In 2013 I will SWEAT with a new instructor every week, at a minimum of 20 different studios.

This means I’ll meet and sweat with at least 52 instructors in NYC, at at least 20 different studios- yoga, spin, bootcamps, you get it.

So here’s week one: 


Photo care of my dear friend Heather

Meet Stevie Sant’Angelo. She is one of the regular spin instructors at the brand new SoulCycle NOHO. If you follow me on instagram or twitter you know I’ve been living at Soul NOHO lately. I took Stevie’s class this past Saturday with two of my great friends. It was SO good and SOOO sweaty. Stevie’s music brings non-stop energy and she incorporates plenty of abs and upper body works into the workout. She was feeling a bit under the weather at class Saturday and still rocked it OUT. She also brings the peace and calmness to your when you’re on the bike that SoulCycle represents. Try one of her classes now! Check here for the full NOHO schedule.

I’ll be posting week two instructor soon. If you have any recommendations let me know. I’m keeping most sweats downtown, but wouldn’t mind venturing elsewhere!


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