i’m a solemate.

For three years in Charlotte I was a Coach for Girls on the Run. This is an incredible organization that was created in Charlotte and is now international. It teaches girls age 8-13 about having self confidence, not being judgemental, and loving everyone for who they are. The program is mainly done in schools or local YMCAs. The girls meet twice a week for the entire school semester. Each day consists of physical activity- running, skipping, jumping, accompanied by a confidence building lesson. Being that I was a coach for Girls on Track, the middle school version, we also discussed gossip, relationships, drug awareness, and other things young girls face each day. As the end of the season approaches we had one day of community service plus a celebration party.


What marks the very end of the season is a 5K! The girls run in pairs and each pair is accompanied by a running buddy. It is so rewarding to run this 5K and see all of the girls in the community who have been impacted by this experience. This was my team in 2011!


This is my dear friend Kitty who coached with me the whole time I was at QHMS. We had so much fun coaching together and getting to know the girls on our team! Many of the girls were able to join because of scholarships given by GOTR, which come from money donated by the local communities.

This year I have decided to run the NYC Half as a Solemate! This means I will be running to raise $1310 which will ALL go to scholarships for girls! I am SO PUMPED about this opportunity! I know how much Girls on the Run meant to all of the wonderful young women I coached and I’m can’t wait to extend this opportunity to others through the money I raise. Check out my page here to donate. Many thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!!! Enjoy any Turkey Trots you may be doing!

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