downtown girl

Sunday morning I woke up in an attempt to workout before work. Sundays are my Mondays and though I don’t go in until 1pm (don’t laugh), this isn’t usually easy. I was excited though as I was going to meet some of my fellow Soulmates for the NYC Half. We were going to Uplift Studios in the Flatiron district. Not that far from me, about 25 blocks, but with the trains running slow on the weekends there was no way I’d get there in under 25 minutes. So as I walked outside my apartment, enjoying my morning, I flagged down a cab. I told him where to go and zoned out a bit, probably 6 minutes, until I realized we were in front of REI going down Houston back towards my house. “What are you doing?!” I screamed. “Do you have any idea where you’re going? Turn left, turn left!” Thinking to myself, “Why does this happen every time I get in a cab when I’m in a hurry?” Turns out the poor guy has only been driving for a week in Manhattan. I made him turn off the meter early, though not early enough, and $12.50 (what a waste) later I arrived at my destination making him promise me he would tell everyone he picked up that day that he needed help with directions. The class was great. Uplift is a womens only gym that has a small room for a 12 person fitness class, along with some free weights, tread mills, and a very impressive locker room. The class consisted of cardio (two challenging tabatas) and a full body workout using hand weights. My bum is sore today from all the squats! It was also great meeting Alyssa who is organizing the Solemates workouts leading up to the race in March. I had to somewhat rush home to be at work at 1pm. THINK AGAIN. I decided this time to take the train. I walked a block to the 6 train and wasn’t thrilled by the “this train is arriving in 8 minutes sign.” As the train finally approached the station it just kept going. WHAT?! I’d never seen anything like it. Ok so 4 more minutes… the train came and I took it a few stops to transfer to the F. Some people bash the F train but it’s my jam- well it usually gets me where I need to go and drops me off closest to home. As I walked down the the platform the inevitable happened. Sign reads- there are no Brookyln bound F trains at this station. COME ON. So then I took another train to Chinatown and walked home. 45 minutes later I was showering, wishing I had simply walked home from Flatiron, and thankful my work schedule was flexible. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I don’t go above 14th street.



My safe zone, circa: a long time ago. Photo credit of ME at Lyons Den!

To recap the rest of the week- BEST week of workouts I’ve had in ages. I took class twice, Monday and Friday, at Lyons Den, both times from Terri. She rocks! Friday as I began my yoga practice I chose my intention to be Gratitude. This is a common one for me, and it always shows up different ways. As I held chair pose and twisted left, I caught a glimpse of Church Street on Lower Manhattan. I am so lucky and grateful to call this place home. (I am so grateful I don’t have to take the subway every day!) I am so grateful for Lyons Den and them bringing Baptiste yoga back into my life. I am so grateful for Yoga One and all of the other studios in Charlotte who introduced me to it. I find my happy place on my sweaty mat.

Tuesday I went with some people from work to Physique 57.  I have a VERY love/hate relationship with Physique. Something about the studio is so welcoming, and the staff and teachers are all super friendly, but when I get in there and start pulsing and my legs start burning and shaking, I get mad. The great thing about Tuesday’s class was the instructor Chad. I would be in so much pain and look at him and he would be smiling and having so much fun, DANG IT, I’d have to smile! This makes me think of him- If you turn the corners of your mouth up a little, you’ll feel much lighter. Try it, it’s true! And seriously, if you want to try Physique, and you should, take Chad’s class. (Oh and now I love him even more reading that he’s from Charlotte!)

Wednesday we (lululemon nyc) had a pretty amazing event at the Chelsea Market. We called it Urban Souk! It consisted of 5 different workout classes (3 yoga of course) and a goal coaching session at the end of the day. I wanted to do it all, but was at work most of the day, and was lucky enough to make it to the Brick Crossfit class. I was unsure what this was going to entail, and it surely exceeded my expectations. It was a KILLER! We did probably 16 different moves for a minute each, with the rest in between being shuffling and high knees. Then we did it over again, only 30 seconds of each move. Lots of squats, pushups, burpees, some serious high intensity interval training. I love this because you can get it done quickly and feel the results immediately! 

Thursday- Hard. Core. Abs. I realized afterwards I had never done this class at Barry’s Bootcamp. I prefer starting on the treadmill, however GB forced me above 14th street to the Chelsea location, so of course I was almost late and started on the floor… this wasn’t so bad until 7 minutes in by abs started screaming at me. I jumped on the treadmill and ran sprints as fast as I could for about 12 minutes, before hitting the floor for 15 more minutes of abs. Hard core is no joke. Rebecca taught the class and she is serious bootcamp style. She said (yelled) if we stopped mountain climbers she’d make us start over, and I believed her! My last round on the treadmill finished off with it in Dynamic Mode. This is very similar to mowing the lawn. I’m horrible at both. 

What a week and I really feel it. I honestly feel great and it’s nice having the reminder that sweating once a day makes me feel amazing and work harder at everything else in life. I leave you with my favorite quote ever. What makes you come alive?


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