8 weeks to go! 

I can’t believe we’re 8 weeks from the marathon. I’ve been looking forward to this since probably the second I crossed the finish line at Chicago in October of 2014.  Well maybe not that moment, but definitely since I completed my 9+1 in June of 2015. 

I honestly feel like running all of those races was the beginning of my marathon training. Then through two incredible half marathon PRs, lots of running in pouring rain, and a humid, sweaty summer, and here we are- 8 weeks out. 55 days. 

My brother is running New York too. It’ll be his first marathon. He’s crushing training. We text each other multiple times a week to see how running is going. I’m slowly catching up with him so far as long runs go, though I don’t think I’ll ever get up to his weekly mileage. I’m totally ok with this. Jess has me on a pretty conservative training plan which I agree is the best idea. With my injury in July and my track record of injury during marathon training, I’m really happy with this decision. I’m also being conservative with my marathon goals. I fully expect my brother to beat me, though our long run paces have been crazy close, some even identical!

Yesterday I did my longest run since the New Jersey half. It felt so great! Saturday was brutally hot and humid for a September day, so I was really happy my long run was scheduled for Sunday. I was even more excited when I realized I could make my long run GB’s 9.11 run! I ran 2 miles before and then met the crew at lululemon Brookfield Place. 

Not a huge crowd but a true crowd of amazing runners and incredible people. We shared running stories and of course stories of 9/11. It’s so interesting, saddening, and inspiring to hear people’s stories of that day.

We ran up the WSH to 57th street and back down. I love how miles fly by when you’re running and chatting with others. GB stopped at 9.11 miles and I was joined by Kelly for my last mile. We then all met up at the base of the light beams and enjoyed pizza and beer!

So, what’s up ahead? Fall temps (hopefully), longer distances, and football 🙂 Happy September folks! 

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