4 weeks to go!

Now I can’t believe we’re 4 weeks out! Since my last post, training has been going really well, filled with some fun traveling and lots of miles. I’m so grateful for this and getting so excited for NYC!

The first week included Rock n Roll Philly. I love this race. It was a big PR for me last year, though last year it was October 31st. The weather is certainly more ideal at the end of October, but being that I was doing this as a long training run, the warmer weather didn’t bother me too much. I ran one mile before the race and then started nice and easy. This was my first race since the NJ Half (in which I ran my heart out) so it was actually really enjoyable to start easy and calm. I was really surprised when my first mile came in at 8:57- I thought I was running much closer to a 9:30. That’s the nice thing about “running easy,” it’s all about feel, not time. So I enjoyed the race and had some good energy at the end to pick it up the last couple of miles finishing at an 8:24 pace. This is how I want to run NYC. Not necessarily this fast (no way) but easy start and finishing strong.


happy runner! #sportsbrasquad

I then had a bit of an easier week (LR of only 8 miles) as I was on vacation in Wyoming AKA the most beautiful and magical place!! It was 30-40 degrees there and running felt incredible!!


best running path ever! (though I really wanted to see a moose and never did)

The next week I began running 4 days a week! I have to admit, I was a bit nervous about this. I was nervous to up overall miles, as well as to run over 14 miles, but it all went so well and felt so good! I was in Atlanta for the last Braves game at Turner Field, so got to do my long run with my brother. We ran along the Chattahoochee River which was super nice and flat, rare for Atlanta. The best part was we took an “ice bath” in the river after our run. It felt SO GOOD!


beautiful day, chilly air, chilly water


my dad pointed out the tomahawk in the sky #farewellturnerfield

This week finished at 33 miles, including an 18-miler this morning! Jess instructed me to get some hills and/or the 59th street bridge. I did a small loop around Central Park (including Cat Hill) and did an over and back across the 59th street bridge. Man is that thing long!! Yes the incline is tough, though not terrible, but it’s just long. It was fun to think that soon I’ll be on that bridge approaching the Wall of Cheers!! I met Brittany right after the bridge and we headed down the East River, by the Staten Ferry, and back up the Hudson. I was super happy with a fast finish of an 8:30 mile 18. I’ve decided my #1 goal is going to be to negative split this race. Certainly easier said than done as the last half is known to be harder, but that’s my goal!

Now off to watch and cheer from afar all of the Chicago Marathoners and Staten Island Halfers! Happy Sunday!



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