my own jingle jog

This weekend I decided to take a run by New York’s best Christmas sites. I headed straight up 6th Avenue. Saturday around 11am was not the best time for this with all of the people on the sidewalks. I made a game of running through the people. I hope they saw me and thought, “Man how cool, she must live here,” and not, “Who is that annoying person running down 6th Ave?” I also ran to a phenomenal playlist of Hanson, Bieber, and TSwift Christmas carols.

First stop: Macy’s Herald SquareImage

**BELIEVE** I took a peak at the windows, but I much prefer Saks, BG, and Lord & Taylor.

Then I continued the run up to 42nd street.Image

The tree is much prettier than this photo. I honestly didn’t know this all existed in Bryant Park. It was never somewhere I visited in years past. I want to go back and skate!

A few blocks more and it brought me to this:Image

Woo hoo! I did a few Rocket kicks and made my way around the corner to the most beautiful and magical place in the city!Image

I love it here and contemplated running here every day until Christmas. I also took a great video and emailed it to my family. It included me with a very silly and large grin.

I decided to avoid the crowds and ran west to West Side Hwy, down, and home.

I think I may tie jingle bells to my running shoes for the rest of the month. 



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