making it through the door

Initially I had one idea for this post, and then Saturday night happened. UGA lost a chance at the National Championship, and I lost a limb, well for a moment or so. Ok so it seemed like eternity but was probably 10 minutes.

The Thursday before I visited my current favorite workout spot, Barry’s BootcampImage


This is the best workout ever! I hate treadmills, but I hate doing sprints even more, and Barry’s gets me to do my sprints, hill work, and strength workouts too. Thursday’s class was arms and abs. We spent 8 minutes on the treadmill, 8 on the floor doing bicep/tricep work, 8 minutes doing dynamic mode on treadmill (like pushing a lawn mower! tough.) 8 minutes more of arms and abs, 8 minutes on treadmill doing sprints, and the final 8 minutes doing more abs. THEN the torture was over. So tough and it felt so good. I also love the post-workout shakes.




This one was a PB&J: better ‘n peanut butter with berries and a banana I think. So good! The class was only 5 people and Mattie, the instructor, stayed on top of each of us true boot camp style. In the midst of him pushing us to run harder and push stronger he kept telling us, “You made it through the door, that’s the hardest part. Most people don’t even make it through the door.” This resonated with me all day, and continues to do so.

Obviously the pain of my shoulder dislocating from my body was excruciating. What’s been worse than that is the fact that I haven’t been able to return to Barry’s, do yoga, or much else. I only let me get this down for a few days. I decided on Tuesday that I was going to “Make it through the door” one way or another. My wonderful friend Katie suggested me going to a restorative yoga class with her at Yoga Vida. I took her up on the idea and made it through the door.



Once through the door I had a long conversation with the instructor about my injury and what the class would look like for me. Restorative classes only do about 5 poses held each for a long period of time. All of the poses were done sitting down and amazingly relaxed my shoulder from being so tense. I wasn’t able to put it over my head in one of the poses, and I had it supported with a blanket throughout class, and the joy in it all of it is that I MADE it to class. I woke up yesterday with it feeling a lot better and even went for a short run yesterday afternoon.

So what if I’m still limited to clothes I can step in to!


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