love actually is all around.



Duh. I am watching Love Actually. I caught some of Home Alone last night too. I love Christmas movies. The reason for this title is because I am so grateful for all of the love that has been around me lately. I realize this love is always around, but with the shape I’ve been in lately I’ve really noticed it and needed it. I am still talking about my shoulder. I’m glad it’s not painful, and I’m still very annoyed and inconvenienced by it. I DO realize things could be much worse. And my friends and family have been amazing. Whether it’s been positioning yoga props for me, adjusting my SoulCycle bike, helping me dress, braiding my hair, and overall listening to me complain, they have shown nothing but love through it all. So THANK YOU a million times over.

Last night my roommate and I decided we’d make some Christmas sugar cookies. For my birthday my mom gave me some of our cookie cutters we’ve used for years. I haven’t been able to find a slice and bake roll (not doing homemade right now) so we used the ones that are square shaped. I flattened the dough and then we cut and sprinkled!





Unfortunately the cookies looked too bad post-bake to take pictures. They cooked SUPER fast since they were so thin and got pretty burnt. We still ate them though.

Today I went to yoga at Stanton Street Yoga. The space there is gorgeous and extremely peaceful. After my first physical therapy session it became very clear that I need to relax my shoulder a bit. (I’ve been pretty convinced it’s going to fall off while walking down the street.) So I did table top instead of downward dog, never lifted my arms above my head, and had a wonderful class. I took all of the frustration that was inside of me and shifted it to acceptance. Acceptance that I need to be patient, heal and be grateful the injury isn’t worse. SoulCycle this afternoon felt amazing as I really SWEAT IT OUT. Your shoulders move a good bit when you cycle up off the seat, so I was extra careful and spent most of the class in the seat spinning my legs. Check out the view of the Freedom Tower outside of SC in tribeca. It’s hard to tell but several of the lights are red and green in the holiday spirit!




The one exercise my PT gave me Monday is the wall walk up. I only do it facing the wall as I’m not ready (SCARED) to do it to the side. I’ve been improving doing this which is very exciting!



My PT also said I’ve got to chill out and trust her to move my arm, basically get rid of the fear that it’s going to randomly dislocate. So she suggested me making an appointment with the orthopedist to have him check it out and do an MRI. Thankfully, this is happening tomorrow! It will ease my mind. Mainly I’m curious of exactly how much I should be moving it, what is torn and how bad, and if surgery is necessary.

My friend Leticia, of Leticia in the City, put this on instagram yesterday and I’ve been carrying it with me since:



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