what I miss from Charlotte, and why I love New York.

Happy 6 month anniversary to NYC and me!

For some reason the past couple days I’ve been missing Charlotte. It may be that I’m already tired of walking in the freezing air. I have LOVED every day of 2013 here, and what I miss about Charlotte is this.

The warming heat and yummy smell of Yoga One, the intensely fast pace of Y2 Yoga, the slow breathing and beautiful space of Yoga Shala, the wonderful instructors at Charlotte yoga (Joey, Suzanne, Angie, Jamie, and now Kels!), the pulsing and early mornings at Flywheel, the overall amazing workout at Fight Gone Mad,

AND the lavender-scented towels during savasana at EVERY studio- jump on this bandwagon please NYC! And of course all of the lovelies who accompanied me on sweat dates:


Such an amazing group of friends! I am SO GRATEFUL that in my 6 months here in NYC I have found an equally amazing group of friends to chat over coffee, brainstorm over drinks, dance all night, and have sweat dates.

The best part of 2013 so far has been Soul Cycle opening a new studio right near me in NOHO! I went yesterday with some of my buddies and we sweat it out in String’s class. The class was followed by free juices and a photo booth for opening weekend!


More to come on my 6 months here in the city! I have tons to share from the craziness and fun of my first Christmas and NYE in New York!

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